No heating in Minas Avetisyan’s house museum

Every year from early autumn till late spring Minas Avetisyan’s house museum visitors can not enjoy the entire collection of the works by Minas. Many works are not displayed during the winter season, as heating is still an unsolved problem there.

I was the first visitor in March and I saw just a few names of visitors under recent months in the registry book.

There is an interesting fact that the entrance fee is quite low: 200 AMD. And there is no donation box at the museum.

On the tickets it’s written that this house museum is a branch of the National Gallery of Armenia. And we see that the Ministry of Culture prefers spending millions on one-day concerts over concentrating on such urgent and important issues.

Gohar, the only person at the museum at that moment, told me that very often there happen to be donors and high officials among visitors, and many of them promise to solve the heating issue.

I saw the result of all those promises.

In general, I have to say, the museum is in quite a normal condition, but during the recent years some parts of the ceiling have moistened and now the conditions continue getting worse. Low temperature and humidity threaten to disqualify, darken and spoil the amazing works, and if it is going to remain like this for the upcoming few years, the museum will probably remain closed throughout the winter season.

Arpine Ginosyan

Դիտումներ՝ 18

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