Mass media of Journalists’ Club “Asparez” will not conduct formal election observation mission

18 March, 2017


Mass media of Journalists’ Club “Asparez” will not conduct formal election observation mission

As it’s known, the current Electoral Code groundlessly restricts the number of observers and Mass media representatives at polling station, establishes discrimination upon types of Mass media, creating significant obstacles for these institutions implementing public control (articles 31 and 65).Journalists’ Club “Asparez” released a statement[1] on Feb 27 applying to the RA National Assembly and suggested removing the restrictions and the discrimination. The RA National Assembly didn’t remove the limitations.

On March 9, 2017, Journalists’ Club “Asparez” applied to the RA Central Electoral Committee asking to accredit 1000 (one thousand) representatives of its two Mass Media for covering the upcoming Parliamentary Elections.CEC has rejected the Club’s application with the decision N90 of March 11, 2017, based on the article 31 part 8 of the RA Electoral Code, indirectly implying that they can accredit not more than 50 representatives.

Taking into account the above said and the fact that state authorities, with the help of legislators and CEC, have restricted the control opportunities of Mass media, not allowing JCA Mass media to invest their capacity into election control, to implement effective coverage thus turning the mission into a formal, artificial one, Journalists’ Club “Asparez” states that the Mass media founded by JCA will not conduct formal coverage, because of which had not applied to the CEC for accreditation of only 50 representatives.

Journalists’ Club “Asparez” will apply to the RA Constitutional Court upon CEC rejection and other grounds to remove the limitations applied by the articles 31 and 65 of the Electoral Code.

End of statement.


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