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18 July, 2016 23:07   |   

Nagorno-Karabakh: Affected civilians of both sides of conflict wait for peace and justice to come

FIDH situation note

As old as the Soviet Union collapse, one of the most disastrous conflicts in the region of the last 30 years, concerning the status of Nagorno-Karabakh, continues to kill. After an escalation of violence in April 2016, the deadliest since the ceasefireof1994, and a closedmeeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in [...]

20 November, 2013 13:11   |   

On December 7 we will mark the day of shame, for we mark the day of tragedy every day


Only 90 million dollars is needed for providing the homeless of Gyumri with residence and socially decent lodging, for placing this stratum into human conditions, for getting rid of those districts and set free the city from all this squalor and uncleanness. And for all of this, a total of 90 million dollars is required. We can show a few lines of the budget of Armenia, from where it’s possible to subtract 30 million dollars per year without any significant loss, and just in 3 years 4500 families will be able to have homes or, at least, social lodging. If the government wants, it can even get the money from the Diaspora. [...]

16 September, 2011 22:09   |       |    Author:Levon Barseghyan

This leaflet in 500 copies was disseminate to the guests in opening ceremony of new terminal of “Zvartnots” Airport


Dear guests,

In the building of the airport you will see the wall paints “Tel en manum” (in the departure hall) and “Yerkanq” (presidential hall) of the great Armenian painter Minas Avetisyan, which were created at the beginning of the 70s by the sums paid by Gyumri workers and employees; thousands of people made contributions from their salaries so that Minas could create these and other wall paints [...]