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06 December, 2016 00:12   |   

Russian Federal Security Service Has Access to Personal Data of Armenian Citizens


As it is known, the Border Management Information System (BMIS) has been functioning in Armenia since 2006. The system is a database containing data on Armenian citizens and vehicles that have crossed the RA border.


The BMIS electronic database stores scans of passports and vehicle registration documents, information on the date, time of crossing the border, direction and accompanying people, as well as other data that are stored for at least 7 years. [...]

16 August, 2016 17:08   |   

Heritage Party Statement on Political Prisoners and Democratic Process


As long as our top leaders, vice president Armen Martirosian, spokesman Davit Sanasarian, and civil society liaison Hovsep Khurhsudian, remain in pre-trial custody on trumped-up charges, the Heritage Party ― which has always believed in taking part in the political process despite its turbulence ― has determined not to take part in the municipal elections scheduled soon across the country.

On the one hand, our representatives serve as model citizens in exercising their right to peaceful assembly― and [...]

10 August, 2016 17:08   |   

Heritage Party Statement


As political parties prepare for the parliamentary elections in spring 2017, the Heritage Party — which has represented Armenia’s opposition for two terms in the National Assembly — finds itself under specific attack by the authorities. Our VP Armen Martirosyan, Press Secretary David Sanasaryan, and Civil Society Liaison Hovsep Khurshudyan remain in jail and await trial, where they will face 4-10 years in prison on account of trumped-up and unsupportable charges of inciting riots. [...]

08 August, 2016 13:08   |   

Attack on Medialab.am


Yesterday, on August 7, our friend Medialab held an open-air live exhibition of its political cartoons at Mahstots Park in Yerevan. While it was initially planned to have a week-long exhibition in a closed space, the appointment was cancelled by the host and Medialab was unable to rent any other place in the City of Yerevan because the owners feared repercussions for hosting the event. In solidarity with Medialab, the attendees of the open-air exhibition also wore the exhibits on them.   [...]

01 August, 2016 18:08   |   

CSF SC Statement on the Recent Developments in Armenia


Serzh Sargsyan, President, Republic of Armenia
Galust Sahakyan, President of the National Assembly, Republic of Armenia
Vladimir Gasparyan, Chief of RA Police
Gevorg Kostanyan, Prosecutor General of Republic of Armenia
Arman Tatoyan, Ombudsman of Republic of Armenia [...]

18 July, 2016 23:07   |   

Nagorno-Karabakh: Affected civilians of both sides of conflict wait for peace and justice to come

FIDH situation note

As old as the Soviet Union collapse, one of the most disastrous conflicts in the region of the last 30 years, concerning the status of Nagorno-Karabakh, continues to kill. After an escalation of violence in April 2016, the deadliest since the ceasefireof1994, and a closedmeeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in [...]

20 November, 2013 13:11   |   

On December 7 we will mark the day of shame, for we mark the day of tragedy every day


Only 90 million dollars is needed for providing the homeless of Gyumri with residence and socially decent lodging, for placing this stratum into human conditions, for getting rid of those districts and set free the city from all this squalor and uncleanness. And for all of this, a total of 90 million dollars is required. We can show a few lines of the budget of Armenia, from where it’s possible to subtract 30 million dollars per year without any significant loss, and just in 3 years 4500 families will be able to have homes or, at least, social lodging. If the government wants, it can even get the money from the Diaspora. [...]

16 September, 2011 22:09   |       |    Author:Levon Barseghyan

This leaflet in 500 copies was disseminate to the guests in opening ceremony of new terminal of “Zvartnots” Airport


Dear guests,

In the building of the airport you will see the wall paints “Tel en manum” (in the departure hall) and “Yerkanq” (presidential hall) of the great Armenian painter Minas Avetisyan, which were created at the beginning of the 70s by the sums paid by Gyumri workers and employees; thousands of people made contributions from their salaries so that Minas could create these and other wall paints [...]